Tutorial For Editing Text and Images

1. Login to the Dashboard and from the top left corner, hover over the Site Title and click on ‘Visit Site’.

2. Go to the page you want to edit and click on the ‘Enable Visual Builder’ link from the top bar.

3. Once the Builder has loaded, different coloured boxes will appear around the content as you hover over them. *Do not edit any of the purple, blue or green boxes*. All of the content you will need to edit is done from the grey ‘module’ boxes. Click on the gear icon for the grey box (module) that you want ot edit.

4. In this example, I have clicked on the Covid Text box. Now you will see a new window appear where you can edit the text. Make sure you click on teh green checkmark in the pop-up to save the module (that will also close it).

5. In the next example, I have opened up and image module. Click on teh gear icon to change the image.

6. When you have finished all of your edits to that page, scroll to the bottom and click on the elipsis in the purple circle. The save button will become visible on the far right. Click on this to save all of your changes.

7. You can now go back to the top and click on ‘Exit Visual Builder’ to see your changes live.